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Design & Development Projects

The following is only a partial list of our design and development projects.

Web/Mobile Applications & Sites

E-Commerce-Enabled Website for Innovative Oilfield Safety Firm

Website for Best of Both Worlds Greeting Cards

Website for Innovative Patent-Pending Floral Concept

Website for Sanitary Beverage Consumption Innovation

Website for The Beverly Hills Trainer, Arina Manta, and her Complete Protein Product

E-Commerce-Enabled Alliance Tag Website

Website for Business Valuation Firm

Website for Innovative Pet Care Product

Robert Bell’s Website — Founder of Banana Boat


VeriScript Analysis

Mobile Rescue

Individual Team Member Sample Projects

An online analytics project and a trading platform project that senior team members worked on prior to working with KTM Web Apps.

Ad Intelligence System (not the brochure but the system itself)

Website of Emerging Markets, A Financial Services Company

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